Happijac Camper Anchor Tiedowns

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Happijac continues to offer their tested Camper Anchor tiedowns. The scientific design of Happijac Camper Anchor tiedowns gives maximum strength while eliminating leverage and stress forces on the truck. Removable rear tiedown coupler rotates to direction of pull, eliminating undesirable torque. Happijac Anchor Tiedowns won't bend, twist, or fail. Picture may differ from actual product.

If Noted:
1 - Stabilizing Bar SB-200 Recommended, (Sold Separately).
2 - Requires 4 ea. (Sold Individually).
3 - Requires FK-DAK Fit Kit (Sold Separately).

Camper Anchor tiedowns do not mount to the frame as do Happijac Frame Mount tiedowns. Camper Anchor tiedowns are not for use on full-size extended cab, 4x4, diesel trucks or with campers over 2500 lbs. These applications require the Happijac Frame Mount tiedowns (FT kit).