Torklift Superhitch Ballmount Accessories

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Torklifts unsurpassed dual shank design when used with the Original SuperHitch, or  SuperHitch Magnum creates the ultimate package available for any towing purpose. The M9000 / M9001 20K Magnum Drop Shanks are designed to work with all RV weight distribution systems by utilizing the industry standard drop shank bolt pattern.
Designed to work with the M9000 and M9001 20K Magnum Drop Shanks, both the M9002 20k Magnum Pintle Adapter, and M9005 20k Magnum Ballmount Adapter, offer maximum capacities with additional adjustment versatility.
The unsurpassed dual shank design of the M9003 Pintle Hook Shank Adapter is engineered to utilize an aftermarket pintle hook, or for standard trailerball use the M9004 17K Magnum Ballmount Adapter, with the provided grade 8 hardware.  Works great with the  Original SuperHitchor SuperHitch Magnum.
The M9006 Superhitch Magnum 2.5 to 2 Adapter Sleeve alleviates the rattle and slop problems associated with other adapter sleeves by maintaining a close tolerance design, and also features enlarged pinholes to alleviate ballmount adapted and receiver hitch pin alignment issues.
Match up your high capacity towing system with our 1 1/4 shank M9008 30K, or M9009 25K Magnum trailer balls.

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