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Our Methodology

We remain engaged with all our clients in a predictable manner and deliver progress and value regularly.

Our brands trust us for our detailed level of professionalism and the scalable solutions we provide.

Our expertise is in eCommerce and application platforms. 

We Don't - provide design, Marketing, SEO placement, writing, copywriting, Photography, or graphic design. ( I can recommend Sally.)

- The tasks are meticulously defined and planned to outline the sprints.

- Our sprints are conducted in 1-2 week Intervals.

- We have standups daily to go over updates, questions, and concerns.

- There will be a meeting scheduled after each sprint.

- We'll be able to look over the current progress.

- We will go over any questions and concerns you might have.

- Discuss the next steps and expectations:

- We will create a project assets folder on google drive, and project details file using google sheets. The project details google sheet will be the outline for your store. All updates, dates, and links will be within the google sheets. This will allow us both to have all the project information within a single location and readily available for both you and your team.


Introducing LMP Tech Solutions


Our objective is to create a fantastic experience for you while utilizing innovative and effective solutions for your business. We understand how overwhelming owning a business is because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves. By letting us do the heavy lifting for your website development, you open up doors to be fully present for more important things.

Plus, with all the time spent forming your business, it’s essential that it’s represented accurately online. Working with us means that you’ll get started on the right foot with the best digital applications in the game. We’ll work with these innovative tools to create your brand identity, visual elements, sitemap, wireframe, mockup, and prototype. We offer several packages to fit your needs, allowing your website to progress no matter the stage that it’s in currently. 

Join Our Team

About Our Team

LMP Tech Solutions is comprised of talented designers and developers who specialize in translating your vision into a thriving online space. Based in New York, we’ve worked with companies around the globe as their personal Shopify Developer and Website Design Consultant. Brands catered to fashion, cuisine, technology, the arts, and more all trust our expertise and thorough communication as we bring their personalized brand voice to the stage with each milestone. We are Freelance expert Designers and Developers who have teamed up to provide your business with the latest tools and trends for your digital solutions.


Innovative Solutions, Expertly Coded

We help businesses like yours get started and scale with the appropriate tools so you can Succeed!

“We begin by deeply immersing ourselves in the brand, culture, category, and audience, and then invite the client to an immersion workshop. We spend one to two days heads down in a room where it’s our team and the brand’s stakeholders, and we start to surface all of the critical information we need to know to get started on the right foot. We find that it’s also a great way for them to see what it’s like to work with us and a very efficient way to get everybody on the same page.”

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    "Very successful experience in being responsive and transparent every step of the way and after launching"

    Warren Struhl, CEO: Licorice

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    "Thoroughness, commitment to offering excellent results, and willingness to communicate"

    Seo Bac, Creative Director: Blue Clover Devices

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